More than Friends

Ah, the dreaded “friend zone”… it’s a situation where someone you’re attracted to – and want to have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with – is only interested in you as a “friend.”

You don’t know how you got there, you don’t know why you got there, but you’re there… and you want out!

Almost every guy, and even many women, have been in a situation where they’ve wanted to be more than “just friends” with another person.

And yet, for some reason, nothing they’ve tried has worked. Moreover, they always have to tip- toe around the situation because they don’t want to lose the friendship by making the wrong move.

It truly is a horrible place to be stuck in…to be around someone, to be so close to them in proximity, and even share so much of your lives with each other… and yet, what you really want from them is off limits.

Since you’re reading this story, there is a very good chance that…

a. you have a current friend that you’d like to turn into your lover and/or girlfriend,

b. you used to date and/or sleep with someone who now wants to be “just friends,”

c. you have been in one of the above situations in the past, maybe more than once, and you’d like to learn how to avoid it from happening during your future interactions with others, or…

d. you’ve seen this happen to other people, where they end up in the “friend zone”…and you want to be pre-emptive about it, so you can be prepared if it ever happens to you.

And, if you have ever wondered why or how it happens in the first place, this story will also help you to finally understand why so many guys seem to always end up in the “friend zone” by accident, even when you really don’t want to. (That giant mystery will be solved here, once and for all.)

Just as I do in most of my reports, I will start this one out by sharing some of the “quick and easy” techniques with you. These will include tips you can put to use right away, and see results almost overnight.

But, before we start getting into the techniques and strategies of how to turn a friend into a lover or girlfriend, there’s something very important that we need to discuss first.

Getting Into the “Friend Zone”

In order to get out of the friend zone, it’s important that you understand what puts a guy into the friend zone, to begin with.

And, as I’ve touched on earlier, most guys have only themselves to blame for being put into the friend zone. But, it’s not entirely their fault.

Unfortunately, society has conditioned men into believing that women want to be friends first. This is a lie, plain and simple.

The average guy believes that if he can (at least) become friends with a woman first, he will be able to talk to her, hang out with her, and eventually get her to see what a great guy he is. That is the worst strategy ever. It rarely works for anyone. So it’s time to stop using it.

Men need to understand, once and for all, that it’s not about how much time you get to spend with a woman that matters.

Getting to spend more hours, days and ‘get togethers’ with your female friend (than other guys are getting) will not help you in convincing her to start seeing you as “more than a friend.”

It’s not about ‘how much time’ you get to spend with her, it’s how you make her feel during those times. That means, a guy who gets to hang out with her much less than you will be able to start dating and/or sleeping with her IF he knows what to do with that time.

To make matters worse, women continue to tell men, and everybody else, that they want to be friends with a guy before they can get into a relationship with him.

This is another lie. It’s a lie that most women tell others. And, it’s also a lie that a woman tells herself, in order to feel good about herself and about her interactions with men.

The fact is, the most satisfying, passionate and memorable relationships most women have are with men who started dating and/or having sex with them almost immediately.

Many women want to believe that they aren’t the type that will sleep with a man so quickly, and especially not on the first date. Yet, it continues to happen out there.

The truth is, when the average modern woman feels a strong connection and attraction with a guy, and if the guy is confident and bold enough to take charge of the situation, many women have no problem sleeping with that guy on the first date, or very soon after.

Additionally, guys who try to play it safe, and hide behind the “friends first” game, aren’t fooling anybody. Most women already know what guys are trying to do in those instances.

The sad part is, by playing it safe, by going the “friends first” route, men instantly put themselves at a disadvantage because women tend to view such men as weak, insecure, lacking self confidence, being inexperienced with women, and yes, even manipulative.

Like I said, women know the “friends first” game that most guys try to play. And they know that the only reason the average guy takes the “friends first” route is because he wants to get into the woman’s pants… but he’s usually just too nervous or spineless to simply be a man and do it with confidence.

I’m not saying that you are one of these weak, spineless, manipulative guys. But you must understand that that’s how most women are going to view you, if you go the “friends first” route. (Even if they tell you that “being friends first” is what they really want.)

Okay… but what if a guy doesn’t deliberately choose the “friends first” route? How does he still end up in the friend zone?

It’s simple really…

Whether he does it on purpose or not, and whether he realizes it or not, he is doing something (or several things) wrong that keeps pushing him into the friend zone.