John & Mary

Science of Love

True Soul Mates is another Soul that share the same exact similar way of understanding as the other Soul and in this lifetime so they decided to share their growth and understanding together.
Joe & Katrina

More than Friends

Whether he does it on purpose or not, and whether he realizes it or not, he is doing something (or several things) wrong that keeps pushing him into the friend zone.
Walter & Betty

The Perfect Couple

Having good values in place and also having the values that are compatible or complimenting will help both parties feel more comfortable and relaxed within the relationship.
Tony & Laura

Love You Forever

The thing to keep in mind is that romance is about her desires, not yours. Your satisfaction comes from watching her joy.
James & Gloria

Online Dating Is Not A Contest

Women do NOT want to be a prize to be won. They don’t want to be a trophy. They want to be the ONE woman that you want to be with.
Harold & Jayne

Ask The Right Questions First

Asking the right questions will give you insight and make you more confident when you meet the lady for the first time.

A Woman’s Guide to Writing a Great Profile

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Steven & Holly

Honesty Really is the Best Policy

Remember, the idea here is to find a girl who will like you exactly like you are. If you have lied in your profile, the first face-to-face meeting will remove all her doubt that you are a liar…and probably a cheat, as well.
George & Sandra

Online Flirting – A New Art Form

Don’t try to go too fast. Flirting is the first step to a successful relationship.