Dating Advice

Here’s a little secret that those of the female persuasion keep from us guys: Women, even very beautiful women, like to be approached by a confident and interesting man. Are you surprised? It’s true…and confident and interesting are much more important than looks to ladies of all ages, too. That’s true for internet dating, as […]
Professionals often spend significantly more time at the office than at home. So much so that there is always a generous amount of single men and single women who don’t have the time to meet new people. So the logical choice for them to meet other single men and women are naturally, the office. When […]
How many times have you found your attention wandering when listening to a boring speaker? How many times have you nodded your head in understanding even though you may have missed the main point? There is nothing wrong or irregular in this behavior. It happens to all of us, all the time. We may hear […]
Many of us start our relationship with love. But after some time, you may feel that something is changed, that routine is getting in your relationship. That doesn’t mean that the love is gone but you have to do something to keep your love alive. Relationships are difficult to sustain. We all want to have […]
Have you ever had this experience? You finally found the nerve to ask that “special girl” out on a date to dinner and a movie. Without even hesitating she gave you a nervous “yes!”. Perhaps you even talked further on the phone and felt that you two clicked well. The date was planned and finally […]
If you want to know how to impress your date, and develop a successful relationship, read on! If you are a guy: Be polite! As they always say, politeness doesn’t cost anything. Any lover likes to be treated with respect and appreciation by their new flame. Politeness is an easy, socially acceptable way to show […]
Many feelings can be expressed by flowers, and this non-verbal language is very popular nowadays. Each one of us has sent at least one message to someone with the help of a flower. Sometimes whole conversations between two lovers are spoken through flowers. The most meaningful flower of all is considered to be the red […]
There is nothing as stressful and intimidating as having to meet the parents of your girlfriend for the first time. But, if you know how to handle this, you will see that can be a real interesting experience. It comes a day in your life when you figure out that your relationship with your girlfriend […]
We had a bad fight yesterday and today he/she is no more. How do I say sorry now? It is too late. But I never thought that this would happen to him/her. So healthy. A small pain in the chest that increased and before medical help could arrive he/she was dead. Now, what do I […]
It happens to most of us at least once during our lives: What was so wonderful at the start of the relationship, that amazing feeling of being in love, suddenly comes to an end. Our loved one leaves us, one way or another, and we are left with the pieces, feeling broken hearted. Humans bond […]